A “vanity” project is when the artist cares more about seeing their name on a chart or pictures of themselves in publications rather than actually being a great artist worthy of such notoriety. It’s not usually apparent when I first start working on a project if this is the case, but it does become clear when the artist doesn’t want to do any of the required work behind the scenes. At that point, everyone on the team involved knows the record isn’t going anywhere but they make a choice. Do you continue working it and get paid or do you opt-out of any involvement? It’s a common issue for promoters. Honestly, they will usually stay on because they are offering a service and as long as the music is good, they will work it. [For some promoters, of course, good music is optional, but I don’t want to discuss those right now.] The artist, in many cases, will disappear after peaking on a chart because they simply attained their goal or dream and then go on their merry way mostly because they then realize how difficult the next steps are and don’t want to bother. A few continue to want to play rock star or be a celebrity so they continue to record records and send them out. We work in a very egocentric industry.  -Amanda Alexandrakis, President of Music Promotion, Inc.