A lilting, soothing, and comforting voice brings “AmeriCeltiCana” to life with her track, “I Am Christmas!”



What are your top 5 favorite holiday songs?

Away In A Manger

Silent Night

Fairytale Of New York

I Am Christmas

Christmas Blessings

Of those, what is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? Why? 

“Fairytale Of New York” – because it describes the emigrant experience of the Irish in America at another time, quite different from our present day emigrant experience, but it is still a song full of hope that always makes me homesick at Christmas for Ireland.

What are your fondest musical memories associated with the holiday season? 

Handel’s Messiah New York

Oratory Montreal: 

Kindergarteners Carol Of The Bells 

New York: Christmas In Ireland Show

Shenanigans: Celtic Christmas Show

What inspired you to record a holiday song?

“I Am Christmas” – I was homesick at Christmas for my mother alone in Ireland at the time and I fell madly in love with the song the first time I heard it – performed it many times before I recorded it – also as an Irish Christmas legacy for my children.

What message do you want people to hear when they listen to your song?

The power of Christmas and the wonderful feelings it can bring, the warmth of friendship, the blessings of family, and the power of bringing everyone together to do good and help each other.

What do you enjoy more? Receiving gifts or giving them?

Giving used to be great fun until my children outgrew my taste in everything!

What charities do you support?

Princeton Elks Childrens Charities

Mary’s Place By The Sea

Mothers Matter, New Jersey

In your opinion, what is the all-time best holiday song? Why?

“Silent Night” – sounds beautiful in all languages so it naturally brings people together. The simplicity of the language and the beauty of the harmonies and different voices make it an instant classic and it is a joy to perform in any genre from classical to Celtic.

Did you start holiday celebrations early this year? What did you do differently in 2020? 

Definitely started planning presents and decorating earlier to lift the heaviness of the 2020 pandemic and its ramifications for work, school, celebrations, and music.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?  

More music, more live shows, safety in vaccines, a new appreciation for coming together and celebrating every little victory!


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