Mile Marker Zero is a progressive rock band from New England, USA, which has been described as “an audio explosion of Driving, Powerfully Progressive Modern Rock” – For fans of: Rush, A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Muse and Tool.


“Sleigh Ride”

Dave Alley – VOCALS
John Tuohy – GUITAR
Mark Focarile – KEYBOARDS
Jaco Lindito – BASS
Doug Alley – DRUMS

What inspired you to record a holiday song?

We love doing holiday music in Mile Marker Zero. Over the past few years, we’ve been recording holiday covers “in the style” of some of our favorite artists. “Sleigh Ride” which appears on this compilation was a cover in the style of Rush. Last year we recorded “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” in the style of Opeth, and this year we created a cover of “Winter Wonderland” in the style of Genesis. Outside of Christmas, we wrote a New Year’s song entitled “Ten Count”, and in October, streamed a hour long performance of classic Halloween music accompanied with video.

What is your fondest holiday memory as a kid?

When I was a kid, I really wanted an electric football game for Christmas. I used to stare at in the catalog and think about it all the time. I was so happy to receive it as a present, but then my sister stepped on it the day after Christmas and it was ruined. I bring it up from time to time, and she and I still laugh about it to this day.

Do you have any special holiday family traditions you would like to share?

My family spends the day after Thanksgiving decorating our house and putting up our Christmas tree. My wife and I watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” that night since it’s our favorite Christmas movie. We will quote the movie all throughout the year. For the past few years, she has bought me either a Christmas Vacation ornament or coffee mug to use throughout the season.

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song (that isn’t yours)?

Anything on the “Charlie Brown Christmas” album, particularly “O Tannenbaum” or “Christmas Time Is Here.”

What inspired you to write a Christmas/holiday song?

There aren’t many progressive rock holiday covers/songs, so we wanted to create arrangements that combine elements of our favorite artists with our sound.

What are your fondest musical memories associated with the holiday season?

My fondest musical memories are being able to create these holiday covers with Mile Marker Zero. They have been a unique musical experience and am really proud of how original and different they have come out.

What do you enjoy more? Receiving gifts or giving them?

I personally like giving gifts more than receiving. I love seeing the reactions on a person’s face (especially my kids) when they are surprised.

What are your top 5 favorite holiday songs?

1) Christmas Time Is Here-Vince Guaraldi
2) Sleigh Ride
3) I Believe In Father Christmas-ELP
4) Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)
5) Twelve Pains of Christmas-Bob Rivers

How has Covid altered your holiday plans?

As a musician who plays a lot of other music outside of Mile Marker Zero, the holidays are usually one of the busiest times of the year. Between concerts, holiday parties, and musicals, I’m usually playing several special events a week through New Year’s. Due to Covid, these events will not be happening this year. The upside is I get to spend more time with my wife and kids, though I will not be seeing much of my extended family during this month.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to play on stage again. I miss playing for an audience and feeling the energy that they give to us. Until that can happen, I’m looking forward to a new Mile Marker Zero release that we have been working on.

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