Strategic Marketing:

Music Promotion, Inc. is here to assist its clients in achieving their goals within the most strategic and economical means possible. Areas addressed are: Strategic Marketing, Branding, Radio, PR and Digital Marketing (including Spotify and Social Media). We work with both indie artists or indie labels. Our role varies from client to client. We can simply offer advice or act as a virtual label with added manpower for the short or long term.

When a client approaches us for consulting, these are the steps that follow:

Step 1: Completion of our MARKETING SURVEY

Step 2: Upon receipt of the required materials (the completed marketing survey, music samples, photos, etc.), we analyze the artist’s current situation:
A. Is the project ready for our stage of involvement?
B. Can we be successful with this project?

Step 3: If the criteria is met, we will arrange an introductory phone meeting to discuss goals, realistic expectations, timelines and prices. If this meeting is successful, we move on to step 4.

Step 4: A general marketing outline is created based on the agreed upon objectives. Upon completion, a discussion then takes place with regard to details within the marketing plan.

Step 5: Implementation. Consulting can last as little as 6 weeks (focusing on getting a project ready for a national radio release) or expand into a larger scoped focusing on career building or a project build up. A budget, as well as the degree of development needed will be determined early on, but is also dependent upon how quickly a client can deploy and implement the recommended strategies.

To be successful in the music business, one must not only understand the
business of music, but marketing as well.

Many professionals with only a business background often fail at their attempts to conquer an industry
whose success is largely based on subjective opinions, politics, and relationships. Hiring someone without
a marketing background is also a disadvantage as understanding demographics, promotion, placement, branding, and image is

Our team has a rare blending of skills. Combining higher education with practical experience in promotion and
marketing on local, regional, national and international levels within the music business.

Bringing in the right consultant can save a project time, financial resources, and disappointment. We know where to
spend marketing dollars and we have the power to negotiate rates. We have arrangements
with affiliates (sometimes below 50% of retail prices with a large team of name industry players), and have leveraged our services in order to benefit our clients.

Understanding strategy, core competency, branding, and competitive advantages are key to our clients’ success.

We will not accept records that we do not feel are competitive. In addition, a client’s drive, motivation and willingness to “play the game” are all important factors in a business where competition is fierce.

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