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“Will Peace Come In Time For Christmas”

Written by: Melanie, Jess Leary & Kristian Rusbjerg

What inspired you to record a holiday song?

Melanie: Christmas always stirs something in me. When I was on major labels, Christmas Recording’s were not big moneymakers, therefore, I was discouraged and in fact prevented from making a Christmas album, or for that matter a children’s album. I was contracted to record a certain number of albums and Christmas /children’s recordings were not considered a fulfillment of the agreement. But in actual fact, I always wanted to create a Christmas collection. When I went independent I finally got to make a Christmas cd! And now last year I had the opportunity to work with Kristian Rusbjerg, a world-class accordionist from Denmark and my friend, the extraordinary writer.

Jess Leary: (Co-Writer) It was a true bit of inspiration, and it happened at Christmas!

What is your fondest holiday memory as a kid?

It was the year my parent’s grandmother and my uncle George decided to do a Santa Claus enactment, to convince me that he was real. It had quite the opposite effect because the moment I saw my uncle George dressed up in a Santa suit, I knew for sure and certain there wasn’t a Santa Claus. Not in the sense of the Coca-Cola image one, but it did not fall as a disappointment any disillusionment of any kind, in fact somewhere in there that whole presentation and unfolding scene made me know I was loved, and in this was the magic.As I watched him put presents under the tree and everyone looking over at me to see that I GOT that there really was a Santa Claus, The magic was love, being staged for me! and from then on I never stopped believing

Do you still get excited about seeing gifts under the tree? What was your most favorite surprise?

What do you think? PRESENTS!!!!

A two-wheeler with training wheels! my first two-wheel bicycle and now I was going places!

Do you have any special holiday family traditions you would like to share?

I invent new ones.

But for as long as I can remember it’s been Italian food on Christmas Eve. No meat, broccoli, and spaghetti, calamari, baked clams or maybe lasagna!

And, we always put out a snack for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

Still till this day, without little children in the house I put out a snack for Santa, reindeer and the Angel’s; at some point, I become all of them : )

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song (that isn’t yours)?

Come all ye faithful just so much fun to sing and

Good King Wenceslaus

I love the specific directions to the yonder presence house

“ Sire he lives a good league hence underneath the mountain right against the forest fence by Saint Agnes fountain. Someday I want to go there : )

What inspired you to write this Christmas song?

The accordion music by Kristian Rusbjerg and then the line that already assumed to be there will peace come in time for Christmas?

Do you have any holiday recipes you would like to share?

A cheese ball!

My mother’s friend, Dottie Corbett share this recipe with me verbally in my kitchen 45 years ago.


8 ounces of cheddar (Sharp)

8 ounces of cream cheese

A lot of fresh garlic crushed

Chili powder

Grate cheddar, add the cream cheese and then the garlic 6 to 8 cloves.

Threw it into a food processor mix well put it into a bowl in the fridge.

Take a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper to pour chili powder onto the paper.

And rule that she is into a bowl that is coated with chili powder gives it a nice color and a great flavor!