“In a word…Amazing! All of us here at the DLFM are blown away by the global effort your ace team members contributed an the unexpected level of success you have had…Only in our dreams did we envision this happening. Working with Amanda Alexandrakis (and the SBMP team) was not only enjoyable, but motivating and inspiring. Their creative concepts and massive contact list was the key to our success and over coming our limited budgets. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all of us at the David Lynch Foundation Music.”

Jason Rothberg, Vice President of the David Lynch Foundation Music

“Amanda Alexandrakis is one of the most knowledgeable music industry leaders out there today. Her powerful combination of promotion smarts, integrity, and experience make Amanda a rare and highly valuable ally and partner in a marketing landscape that can sometimes seem impassable and overwhelming. “

I have seen Amanda described by many as a “first rate music professional”. In my experience, that is a 100% accurate description but really only scratches the surface. Add to that -killer work ethic, creative, thorough, focused, determined, dedicate and driven. Amanda delivers for her clients and possesses what I believe is the greatest strength of all -integrity. She has my respect and highest recommendation.

Sam Kaiser, MVP Entertainment

I have known Amanda personally now for over 20 years. In this time, she has proven to be one of the most dedicated and truly professional people I have ever known in this music industry of ours. Always on the end of a phone, and always truthful in how things are going, good or bad. Her cheerful personality has always made me feel full of hope and inspired. I would never use anybody else when I am releasing any product I am involved with, she will always be my cowgirl.

“Amanda is one of the most passionate and hard-working music promoters I’ve ever met! She has the integrity and the persistence to get the job done!”

Amanda and the entire music promotion team are consummate professionals that under promise and over deliver. Money well spent!

I have worked with Amanda on several projects, mostly on a writing/pr level (me) while she did her usual amazing job with radio promotion. Amanda is always professional, creative, engaged and ready to work hard for her client(s). I think anyone who uses Amanda will not only be thrilled with her services but should consider themselves very lucky!!

Katy Krassner, (Social Media Director, Duran Duran, Section 101, Loud & Proud Records and more)

Amanda’s attention to detail and follow through is a quality that enables her to provide a high level of service to her clients.

“Amanda, whom I have known for 15 years, is hard working, and extremely tenacious. Along with her hubby [Eric] “The Greek” make an excellent partnership in the music entertainment business.”

Brian Chatton, Musician (Phil Collins, Meatloaf, Jon Anderson, etc…)

Amanda brings passion and commitment to everything she does. Working with her was a pleasure.

Amanda Alexandrakis is one of the most diligent, hard working, resourceful professionals I’ve ever met. Her tenacity, intelligence and humor are just a few of the qualities that make her so good at her job. But what I appreciate most about her is her honesty: so many people will promise you the moon but can’t deliver even the most basic results. Amanda is very straightforward and will tell you what you can expect. Based on her years of experience, she knows what’s possible. She knows where and when to put her efforts so that she gets the most out of her time and yours, and achieves the best results. She truly cares about her work and nothing makes her happier than to see a client succeed. She’s amazing!

Amanda Alexandrakis & Music Promotion, Inc. are the backbone of my musical promotion campaigns. With Amanda & her sister company, SBMP, my releases have enjoyed successful radio exposure in North America, Europe & Australia. The best attributes of Amanda, her company & connections are they are personable & trustworthy; 2 traits left often by the wayside in the music industry. Musicians owe it to themselves to learn of the services Amanda & her company have to offer & the integrity that comes with it.

Pennan Brae, www.PennanBrae.com

Amanda is by far one of the most driven people I have ever met. Paired with an extremely friendly personality, she will always have your back and work extremely hard to get the job done well. You can count on her to be honest and realistic, while also motivating you to pursue your dreams no matter how big they are. Highly recommend working with Amanda, you’d be hard pressed to find someone better!

“Amanda is a first-rate music industry professional. She’s knowledgeable, experienced and caring. Amanda knows great music and has the contacts to get the music into the right hands. She would be a valuable assett to any artists career.”

“Amanda is one of the rare “what you see is what you get” people in the notoriously clandestine music biz. She has helped several of our clients get noticed, which is no easy feat in the current “80 feet of water trying to get through a one inch pipe” flood of artists. She is an extremely hard working dedicated pro, who delivers services costing 10x and more else where. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Amanda has a confidence and a clarity in her vision that can only have been earned through long years of experience in the music industry. She’s a survivor and innovator who approaches her artist’s projects with a calm certainty that, if the music is of good quality, there is an audience for it, and that a way can be found to reach that audience. It’s a courageous, rather than reluctant, approach to facing down uncertainty in a rapidly changing industry. I couldn’t ask for better than that from a consultant -or any ally- in the business.

It is so amazing to work with people that not only get you as an artist, but have the professionalism and skill to take you to the next level. I am so lucky and honored to be working with Amanda and Music Promotion, Inc. on the rise of my single, “Naughty”! You are a dream to work with and I adore you! Thank you for being an incredible part of my team.

It has been a pleasure to work with Amanda Alexandrakis and Music Promotion, Inc. She is truly a professional in the business of music promotion and has bent over backwards to help us in every way. I am 100% satisfied with her services. She is honest, kind, sincere, intelligent and takes time to answer any questions I may have. I would recommend her services to anyone that is serious about getting their music out there! She has a been a great friend. I cannot say enough good things about Amanda. Thank you!